Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fall Y'all ~ W Family ~ 2014 Part 15 {Gruene Family Portraits}

Can't stand the cuteness!!  Loved getting to do a session for this family.  Mama is a long time family friend and it was so fun to meet her little guy for the first time.  He's ADORABLE!

Fall Y'all ~ L Family ~ 2014 Part 14 {Gruene Family Portraits}

Look at these lovely grandchildren!!  So fun to get a cousin session in for Grandma! 


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fall Y'all ~ L Family ~ 2014 Part 13 {San Marcos Family Portraits}

The weather has not been kind to my clients and I this year!  Way too many sessions rained out and rescheduled. But, alas, we are in the middle of a drought and need the rain so I can't complain too much.  I AM thankful for it. 
This lovely family was rescheduled several times due to rain.  I am SO glad that we held out for a sunny day!  Love the light in these shots.  We did this session at Veramendi Park in downtown San Marcos and it was the soggiest session I have ever done after torrential rain for about 24 hours the day before.  But it was SO worth it!! 
Look at this sweet birthday boy!  One year old and loving it!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Y'all ~ W Family ~ 2014 Part 12 {Austin Family Portraits}

Great to see this family again. SO thankful we went with an afternoon session instead of a morning session this year. Last year, they froze through a 45 degree morning session with me. This year, it was just about that chilly the morning of their session. Luckily, mom had scheduled an evening session this year! 



Sweet Baby Bryn {Austin Newborn Photographer}

Congratulations to my good friends on the birth of their little one. 
So glad I got to swing by and see her. She's gorgeous, y'all!

Fall Y'all ~ L Family ~ 2014 Part 11 {Gruene Family Portraits}

A late night sneak peek for my friend and fellow photog. She has three lovely girls just like I do! We had so much fun shooting this session in Gruene, Texas.

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