Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mammer's 80th Birthday {Dorean Pope Photography}

We had such a wonderful time this weekend celebrating Tim's grandmother's (Mammer's) 80th birthday in New Braunfels at Landa Park.  The vast majority of his grandmother's 70 direct descendants were able to attend and celebrate with her.  So neat to see them all together.  The family I grew up in is spread all over the country and we have never been very close.  I feel very lucky to have married into this big, close knit family and to have adopted their grandparents as my own.  It was a really wonderful time with so many cousins and second cousins.  My kiddos had a blast!  And of course, we had to make time to grab some family portraits on the back patio before the party was over.
This first one is all of the cousins with Mammer.

This one is Mammer with all of her living children.

And this one is all of her descendants (and their spouses) that were in attendance. 
I was even able to sneak in. :)

Happy Birthday, Mammer!!  We LOVE you!
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