Monday, November 30, 2009

San Marcos Mini-Sessions - San Marcos Child & Family Photographer

This is a little sneak peek for all of the families who participated in my mini-session day in San Marcos this past Saturday. The weather cooperated a lot better than I thought it was going to and we got some really great shots. Thank you all so much for participating. I really enjoyed capturing your families!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Marathon - Austin Child & Family Portrait Photographer

Wow, it has been a busy week!! This is definitely busy season for family photographers as everyone gets ready for Christmas and tries to get their family Christmas card ready. I have really enjoyed all of the families I've gotten to capture over the past couple of weeks. I am working like crazy trying to finish up all of these sessions. LOTS of coffee for me and Blues Clues and Sesame Street for Adalyn. There are two things adding extra motivation for me to finish all of my work (besides all of the wonderful families waiting for their proofs): decorating our house for Christmas and a new book to read. Neither of these things can be started until I am done, otherwise I wont ever finish! =) I am really excited about Christmas this year. Having a two year old adds child like wonder to the season. She is already SO excited about Christmas lights. She says, "More lights, Daddy. More lights!!" as we drive home. LOVE it!

Okay... back to the business at hand. These kiddos were having a tough morning and it didn't help that it was cold an windy outside when we met for our session. They were troopers though and I managed to bribe, tickle, and surprise some smiles out of them before the end of the session.

I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek and I look forward to next year! It is fun to watch your kiddos grow.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fall is here! - Marble Falls Family & Child Photographer

So this past weekend was full of driving for me. I also made a trip out to Marble Falls to do a family portrait session. The drive was breathtaking. It helped to get me into the holiday spirit. The fall colors are in full bloom in the Hill Country and that is something we only see occasional glimpses of in the city. It was a nice, quiet drive (read: no kiddos in the car) and I just soaked in the view. I'm ready for Thanksgiving now! I actually feel like it is fall this year!

You guys enjoy your sneak peek and look forward to Christmas with your little one. I am discovering that Christmas time with kids just renews the excitement and joy in the season. We drove by a house tonight that was DECKED out in Christmas lights. I looked into the back seat and Adalyn with just sitting there with her hand over her mouth in amazement. She kept saying "more lights, more lights" wanting me to find another house with lights. So fun! LOTS to look forward to.

A family reunion & a birthday party! - Wimberley Event Photographer

On Saturday afternoon, I got to drive to Wimberley to take some family portraits at a family reunion. It has been a long time since I've been out to Wimberley. It is beautiful. I LOVE living in Texas. It is also a little scary. Not Wimberley, but the drive TO Wimberley. I am so not used to two lane, windy roads. I'm a city girl - I'll admit it! Anyway, if you find yourself with some extra time or a Sunday afternoon, enjoy the drive out to Wimberley. It is a pretty little town. The family reunion was at the Creekhaven Inn. Check it out if you are going for a visit. I would totally stay there if I had the opportunity. It looked really peaceful and relaxing.

This family was getting together in honor of their mother who was celebrating a very special birthday. They were a lively and fun bunch. Getting everyone to smile was not an issue. Coming from a bigger family myself, it was fun to see a glimpse into the future. I can't wait until there are too many of us to fit into one house... that just means there's more love to go around!

Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Baby Brother - Austin Child & Newborn Photographer

This family just welcomed kiddo number three into the mix. His brother and sister were very excited about him. Their little eyes gleamed when they got to sit down and hold him. So precious. Their sweet mama has her hands full - the kids have her WAY out numbered now, but she is relaxed and content to just go with the flow and handle things one at a time as they come. To her I say - You are doing great and more sleep will come soon! I was SO just in your shoes and as you know it gets easier soon. =) Your children are beautiful! Enjoy this little sneak peek....

Family... Cedar Park Child & Family Photographer

This family is... family. We love them and are excited to celebrate their latest addition. Welcome to the world Caleb! We can't wait to see you grow up. Congratulations you guys!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Days - Austin Family & Child Photographer

A sneak peek for the delightful P family.
It is always fun to see you guys!

I LOVE this one. I can't really explain why, it just cracks me up.
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