Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Showers - Austin Portrait Photographer

Another Bluebonnet session with a cutie this morning! She was SO good and gave me lots of pretty smiles.  We got our mini-session in just as it started to rain. Yay!!  I am sad to say the bluebonnets appear to be on their way out for the year.  If you have been thinking about bluebonnet portraits don't put it off anymore - we only have a few days left!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Bluebonnet Sneak Peek (of the week) - Portrait Photographer Austin

This is my last bluebonnet sneak peek... for this week.  I make no promises about next week.  The bluebonnets are still gorgeous blue! It's not too late to schedule a mini-session. ;)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bluebonnet Photos 101 - Austin Child Photographer

Here's another bluebonnet sneak peek.  While I am sharing these pictures, I thought I would also share a couple of helpful hints for getting a great bluebonnet picture of your kids.  Enjoy!

1. Luck out with great cloudy weather like I have had all week! Haha - of course cloudy weather isn't always available, but it does help a lot for bluebonnet pics.  The bluebonnets do not like to grow in shade, they like LOTS of sun, so it is often hard to find shade to take pictures in. (Ever wonder why kids are usually squinting in bluebonnet pictures? Now you know why...) You can take the picture backlight, but that is a little more complicated - so waiting until close to sunset or for a cloudy day will help tremendously. 

2. Bring along something for the kids to sit on.  Sitting right down in a bluebonnet field can be pokey and dangerous.  Bring along a stool or blanket that will blend in well and offer some protection.  You will have MUCH happier and cooperative kids.

3. Bring along treats.  This comes in SO handy right as the kids get fed up with posing for you.  Offer them a little sugar and they usually perk right up! 

Happy picture taking!!



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

South Austin Bluebonnet Mini-Sessions - Austin Child Photographer

Busy, busy over here with bluebonnet season in full swing.  Wanted to take a moment to share a sneak peek from my South Austin Bluebonnet mini-sessions yesterday.  Cute, cute kids and some great family shots.  As you can see, I deviated from the bluebonnets a couple of times - gotta love a grassy field.  Lots of fun!! More to share soon...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bluebonnet Pictures - Austin Child Photographer

I'm LOVING Austin in the spring.  The bluebonnets are phenomenal this year and this weather has been perfect. Yesterday I got to do a bluebonnet session for this sweet little thing.  I absolutely LOVED her sunflower dress with the bluebonnets - adorable!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby E - Cedar Park Newborn Photogapher

Can I just start by saying I love my "job".  It is so fun to get to play with little babies - to rock and "shhhh" them and put them to sleep.  I mean little, tiny babies.  It's awesome!!  This week I got to spend several hours with little baby E.  He decided that he was old now and didn't need to sleep like most brand new babies - there was too much going on and he wanted in on the action.  He gave his mom and I a run for our money, but we won in the end and I we think got some really special portraits for this family.

Enjoy!! There are more to come...

LOVE this face, it cracks me up.  It's like - "Hey lady, what are you doing??"

My absolutele favorite from the session - look at him checking his mom out, memorizing her features and listening to her voice. Precious.

Love the little fingers and peely skin.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Headshots Anyone? - Professional Headshots Austin

Last week I got to meet up with a friend for a headshot session.  She is starting a new business and needed some headshots for business cards.  It was great to see her again after such a long time! 

If you are in need of an updated headshot, shoot me an e-mail
I am updating my portfolio and will give you a discounted rate for a limited time! :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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