Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A family reunion & a birthday party! - Wimberley Event Photographer

On Saturday afternoon, I got to drive to Wimberley to take some family portraits at a family reunion. It has been a long time since I've been out to Wimberley. It is beautiful. I LOVE living in Texas. It is also a little scary. Not Wimberley, but the drive TO Wimberley. I am so not used to two lane, windy roads. I'm a city girl - I'll admit it! Anyway, if you find yourself with some extra time or a Sunday afternoon, enjoy the drive out to Wimberley. It is a pretty little town. The family reunion was at the Creekhaven Inn. Check it out if you are going for a visit. I would totally stay there if I had the opportunity. It looked really peaceful and relaxing.

This family was getting together in honor of their mother who was celebrating a very special birthday. They were a lively and fun bunch. Getting everyone to smile was not an issue. Coming from a bigger family myself, it was fun to see a glimpse into the future. I can't wait until there are too many of us to fit into one house... that just means there's more love to go around!

Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren!

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